Aperture basics
Open Aperture for the first time, Basic components of Aperture, Interface overview, Workflow overview, What is Aperture?.

Import photos
Reprocess photos from earlier versions of Aperture, Where Aperture stores your managed files, Add audio attachments to image files, Capture photos as you work, Import originals for referenced images into folders, Import folders of files from the Finder, Add import options, Import from a camera, card reader, or device, Plan your import strategy, File formats you can import.

Work with projects and the library
Back up the library, Work with referenced images, Work with projects, Work with library files, Work with the Aperture Trash, Organize items in the Library inspector.

Organize and sort photos
Group photos with Smart Albums, Search for photos, Organize photos using Places, Organize photos using Faces, Add keywords to photos, Rate photos, Stack photos, Set up and arrange photos, Change the Browser view, Navigate through and select photos.

View and compare photos
Arrange photos in the Light Table, View photos with the Loupe, View photos full screen, View photos in the Viewer.

Work with metadata
Adjust the photo date and time, Understanding badge overlays, About IPTC metadata, Batch change metadata, Work with metadata presets, Work with metadata views, Work with the AutoFill Editor, Display metadata with your photos, View and change metadata in the Info inspector or Info HUD, Overview.

Make image adjustments
Understanding how to read histograms, Identify color clipping, Sample color values, Adjust how Aperture decodes RAW images, Create and apply effects, Apply specific Quick Brush adjustments, Apply specific standard adjustments, Ways to perform adjustments, Use the adjustment controls, About making adjustments onscreen.

Print photos
Proof images and manage color, Create and modify print presets, Print Light Table arrangements, Print books, Print contact sheets, Print individual photos, Overview.

Export photos
Export into folders, Rename photos at export, Choose export settings, Export using the Export command, Export by dragging, Export tips, Overview.

Create slideshows
Create full-featured slideshows, Create slideshows quickly using presets, Overview.

Create books
Order books from third-party print vendors, Copy a book album, Create and share custom themes, Work with master pages, Make advanced layout changes, Work with text, Work with photos, Work with pages, Add and remove pages, Place photos in a book.

Share photos online
Create webpages, Publish photos to Flickr, Facebook, and SmugMug, Email photos, Use iCloud to share photos with others, Use iCloud to keep photos up to date across your devices, Overview.

Customize the Aperture workspace
Work with preview images, Customize keyboard shortcuts, Use gestures, Customize the toolbar, Set Aperture preferences, Change the main window layout.