Add a photo index to a book

You can add index pages to a book that show thumbnails of all the book’s photos. Depending on the theme you choose, Aperture provides different looks and layouts for photo indexes. You can also add an index of photo metadata to your book. Typically, the photo index appears at the end of a book or at its beginning.

Note: Not all themes support photo indexes. For more information about switching themes, see Create a book album.

Add an index page to the end of your book

  1. To show master pages, choose Show Master Pages from the Book Action pop-up menu .

  2. Select an index master page in the Master Pages pane.

    Note: The selected theme must support index pages.

  3. Choose Add New Page From Master from the Add Pages pop-up menu (+).

    Add as many index pages as your book needs to hold all the photos.

  4. Drag photos to the photo boxes to fill the index pages at the end of your book.

If you want the index pages to appear in a different position in your book, drag them in the Pages pane.

Add a metadata index to your book

  • Choose Create Index from the Book Action pop-up menu in the Book Layout Editor.

    Aperture adds metadata index pages to the end of your book and updates the index with the metadata information from your photos. You can change the metadata that appears in the index by selecting metadata boxes and changing the metadata format using the Set Metadata Format pop-up menu.

    Figure. Set Metadata Format pop-up menu in the Book Layout Editor.