Copy a book album

After you’ve set up a book structure that you like, you can reuse it for other book publication projects. For example, you might create a wedding album book structure that you reuse frequently.

You can select and duplicate a book album. You can then remove the photos from the album and replace them with others to fill the new book. Aperture can automatically flow the new photos into the duplicated book structure.

Copy a book album and place new photos in it

  1. Select the book album in the Library inspector.

  2. Choose File > Duplicate Book.

    The duplicate book appears in the Library inspector.

  3. Drag the duplicate book album to a new project, if you wish.

  4. With the duplicate book album selected in the Library inspector, select a photo in the Browser and choose Edit > Select All (or press Command-A).

  5. To remove the photos from the album, choose Photos > Remove From Album (or press Delete).

    All the photos are removed from the Browser and the book pages.

  6. Select the project, folder, or album that has the photos you want to place in the book.

  7. In the Browser, select the photos and drag them to the duplicate book album in the Library inspector.

  8. Select the duplicate book album in the Library inspector.

  9. Arrange the photos in the Browser in the order you want them to appear in your book.

  10. Choose Autoflow Unplaced Images from the Book Action pop-up menu in the Book Layout Editor.

The photos are automatically placed in the book pages.