Change the main window layout

When a project, album, or folder is selected in the Library inspector, Aperture offers three basic layouts for the main window:

  • Browser: Use this layout to display image thumbnails in an enlarged Browser so you can review photos, perform initial rating passes, and create and work with stacks of photos.

    Aperture workspace set to Browser.
  • Split View: Use this layout to display both the Browser and Viewer together and use them in combination to review and work with photos.

    Aperture workspace set to Split View.
  • Viewer: Use this layout to display photos in an enlarged Viewer and work with them in detail.

    Aperture workspace set to Viewer

You can switch between layouts by pressing V, choosing commands from the View menu, or clicking buttons in the toolbar.

Change the window layout

Do one of the following:

  • Choose Browser, Split View, Viewer, or Cycle View Mode from the View menu (or press V).

  • Click the Browser, Split View, or Viewer button in the toolbar.

Rotate the position of the Browser in Split View

In the Split View layout, the Browser appears horizontally under the Viewer by default. However, you can change the layout to display the Browser vertically, beside the Viewer.

  • Choose View > Browser > Rotate Position (or press Shift-W).

Swap the position of the Browser and the Viewer in Split View

  • Choose View > Browser > Swap Position (or press Option-W).

Change the background of the Viewer

  1. Choose Aperture > Preferences, or press Command-Comma (,).

  2. In the Preferences window, click Appearance, then drag the Viewer Brightness slider to lighten or darken the background.