Accounts preferences

Use the controls in the Accounts preference pane to set options for reviewing and updating albums that you’ve published to your Flickr, Facebook, and SmugMug accounts, as well as add or remove these accounts within Aperture.

Figure. Controls in the Web preference pane.

The Accounts preference pane contains the following controls:

  • Accounts column: Select the account you want to modify in this column.

  • Add button (+): Click this button to add one or more Flickr, Facebook, or SmugMug accounts.

  • Remove button (–) : Click this button to delete the selected account from Aperture.

    Important: All albums associated with the deleted Flickr, Facebook, or SmugMug account are removed from Aperture. However, the albums, sets, or galleries and their photos still appear in the Flickr, Facebook, or SmugMug account.

  • “Automatically check for newly published albums” checkbox: Choose whether you want Aperture to check regularly for new albums published outside of Aperture to your Flickr, Facebook, and SmugMug accounts or whether you want to update the accounts manually.