Adjust images at export

You can apply final adjustments to images at export by choosing ColorSync profiles, setting gamma adjustments, and applying black point compensation. Because these adjustments are applied at export, the photo versions and originals in the Aperture library are not changed. Only exported files receive image adjustments applied with an export preset.

To adjust images at export, you create a new export preset in the Image Export dialog and then modify the Image Quality, Gamma Adjust, ColorSync Profile, and Black Point Compensation settings as appropriate.

Figure. Image adjustment options in the Import Export dialog.

Gamma adjustments applied at export are applied on top of gamma adjustments previously applied to photo versions. Before exporting, verify that you are not doubling any gamma adjustments previously applied to your photos.

When you export, select the preset that includes the adjustments you want to make.

Create an image export preset to adjust images at export

  1. Do one of the following:

    • Choose Aperture > Presets > Image Export.

    • Choose File > Export > Versions (or press Shift-Command-E), then choose Edit from the Export Presets pop-up menu.

    The Image Export dialog appears.

  2. Select an export preset, or create a new one.

    For information about creating export presets, see Work with export presets.

  3. Specify adjustment options:

    • To add a gamma adjustment to the exported photos: Drag the Gamma Adjust slider to the right.

    • To change the ColorSync profile applied to the exported photos: Choose a profile from the Color Profile pop-up menu.

    • To apply black point compensation to the exported photos: Select the Black Point Compensation checkbox.

  4. Specify additional settings as necessary, then click OK.

Use this export preset when you want to export photos with the adjustments you specified.