Apply IPTC metadata and keywords to your photos

Many publications use a standard set of image keywords. You can apply these keywords to your photos when exporting to JPEG, TIFF, and PSD file formats.

Remember that applying metadata at export applies all the metadata attached to your photo. If your photo version has metadata that you don’t want exported, create a new photo version that includes only the metadata you intend to export.

Note: The PNG file format does not support the inclusion of metadata.

Create an image export preset that includes metadata with exported photos

  1. Do one of the following:

    • Choose Aperture > Presets > Image Export.

    • Choose File > Export > Versions (or press Shift-Command-E), then choose Edit from the Export Presets pop-up menu.

    The Image Export dialog appears.

  2. In the Image Export dialog, select the export preset you want to use to export your photos, or create a new one.

    For more information about creating export presets, see Work with export presets.

  3. Select the Include Metadata checkbox.

    Note: This checkbox is dimmed when PNG is chosen in the Image Format pop-up menu.

  4. Click OK.

The version metadata is included in your exported photos when this export preset is chosen.