Export tips

Consider the following workflow tips before you begin exporting your photos and other media:

  • Before exporting your photos to another application, a printing service, a client, or a website, you need to know what file types the recipient can use. You should also check with the recipient about other important information, including file size limitations, required image dimensions, and naming conventions. The key to a successful file transfer is anticipating—and avoiding—anything that can prevent the recipient from opening your files.

  • If you regularly send groups of photos to a stock photography house and a printer, you can create an export preset for each destination. Give the presets a name you’ll remember, and the next time you need to send photos to either destination, simply select the correct export preset.

  • Aperture allows you to perform multiple export operations concurrently. However, to prevent unintended behavior, it’s extremely important that you avoid making changes to the photos you are exporting until the operation is complete.