Adjust time zone data at import

On a trip, it’s easy to forget to update your camera’s clock to match the local time zone. If you didn’t synchronize your camera time to the new location, Aperture lets you correct the time assigned to the image file by whole hours when importing.

Adjust time zone data during import

  1. In the Import browser, choose Time Zone from the Import Settings pop-up menu.

    The Time Zone controls appear in the Import browser.

    Figure. Time Zone settings in the Import browser.
  2. Choose the time zone that matches the camera’s time setting from the Camera Time pop-up menu.

  3. Choose the time zone of the shoot location from the Actual Time pop-up menu.

    Aperture updates the capture time of your image files according to the Time Zone settings.

    After you’ve imported photos, you can adjust the date and time of any versions you’ve created by choosing Metadata > Adjust Date and Time. For more information, see Adjust the photo date and time.