Filter files by type at import

Some digital cameras allow you to add audio attachments to your photos. For example, some cameras allow you to record audio annotations for a photo after you shoot it. The camera attaches the audio file to the image file so that you can review the audio when you download the photo. When you connect a digital camera or card reader or point to a folder with photos on your computer, Aperture recognizes any photo that has an audio attachment. You can also import standalone QuickTime-compatible audio and video files.

Filter files by type during import

  1. In the Import browser, choose File Types from the Import Settings pop-up menu.

    The File Types controls appear in the Import browser.

    Figure. Filter Files controls in the Import browser.
  2. Do any of the following:

    • To exclude image files, leaving only audio and video files available for import: Select the “Exclude photos” checkbox.

    • To exclude video files during import: Select the “Exclude videos” checkbox.

    • To exclude audio files during import: Select the “Exclude audio files” checkbox.

    • To exclude all audio files attached to the photos: Select the “Exclude audio attachments” checkbox.

    • To include only files that were flagged or locked using the camera: Select the “Only include files flagged/locked in camera” checkbox.

      All photos matching the selected criteria appear in the Import browser. To make all the photos reappear, deselect the checkboxes above.

Important: An audio file is imported into Aperture as an attachment when the audio file’s name matches the image file’s name. For example, when you import “file.nef” and “file.wav,” Aperture imports the .wav file attached to the .nef raw image file. Audio files are automatically attached during all types of import: from a connected camera or card reader, from internal and external hard disk drives, as well as by dragging. If the audio filename is not the same as the image filename, it will not be attached to the photo even if imported directly from a camera or a card reader. However, there is one exception: some Canon cameras, including the G9 and G10, prefix the audio filename with “SND” and the image filename with “IMG”; these audio files are imported as attachments.