Import options overview

You can use import options to:

  • Store imported photos in the Aperture library or select a different location on your hard disk and import the photos as referenced images

  • Have Aperture automatically delete the image files on your memory card after the photos are imported

  • Have Aperture automatically split the photos into multiple projects based on the length of time between shots

  • Have Aperture automatically back up photos as they are imported

  • Display photos in the Import browser as a grid of thumbnails or as a list that you can sort

  • Apply a naming convention to standardize the names of the image files in the library

  • Apply metadata to the image files, such as keywords, captions, copyright information, and the photographer’s name. You can also keep or replace existing metadata associated with a photo when you import the image.

  • Adjust the shoot time of photos that were shot in a different time zone

In the Import browser, you add import options to refine how files are brought into Aperture. You add controls for additional import settings by choosing an option from the Import Settings pop-up menu. After you modify the import settings, you can remove them from view by deselecting the option in the Import Settings pop-up menu.

Figure. Import Settings pop-up menu in the Import browser.