Use AppleScript actions at import

The Aperture community provides many AppleScript actions online to automate repetitive tasks in Aperture. Additionally, you can create your own AppleScript actions to help automate your workflow. You can use AppleScript actions from within Aperture immediately after an import operation is complete.

For more information about AppleScript actions for use with Aperture, go to

Important: All scripts must use the import event handler: on importActionForVersions(input).

Use AppleScript actions after import

  1. Choose Actions from the Import Settings pop-up menu.

    The Actions controls appear in the Import browser.

    Figure. Actions controls in the Import browser.
  2. If no AppleScript action is selected, click the Choose button and locate a script from the dialog that appears.

The selected AppleScript action appears in the AppleScript field and is set to begin as soon as the import operation is complete.

Note: The AppleScript action is applied only to the current import operation.

Stop AppleScript actions from automatically starting after import

  • Click the Clear button.