Use sliders

There are two types of slider controls for changing parameter values—sliders and value sliders. Slider controls have varying value ranges depending on the parameter.

  • Sliders: You can drag the slider left or right to set a value, or click anywhere along the slider’s range to jump directly to that value.

    Figure. Sliders and value sliders for the Exposure adjustment.
  • Value sliders: You can double-click the value and type a number in the value field, click the left or right arrow, or drag inside the value field to set a value. Often, you can type a much larger number in the value field than can be achieved by dragging the standard sliders. When using value sliders, you can use a modifier key to make value adjustments in small or large increments.

Change values in small increments

  • Option-drag in the value field.

Change values in large increments

  • Shift-drag in the value field.