Revise the contents of a Smart Album

To change the contents of a Smart Album, you change the search criteria for the Smart Album. You can manually select individual photos and delete them, but the deletion removes both the version and the original wherever it exists in the original project. Similarly, you cannot simply drag photos into a Smart Album to add them.

If you decide that certain photos should not be in a Smart Album, you can narrow the search criteria to exclude photos. Aperture performs a new search and revises the Smart Album’s contents. To remove a photo from a Smart Album, you can also change the photo so that it no longer matches the Smart Album’s search criteria. For example, if a Smart Album gathers photos rated five stars, changing a photo’s rating to four stars removes it from the Smart Album.

Change the contents of a Smart Album by changing the search criteria

  1. In the Library inspector, click the Smart Settings HUD button to the right of the Smart Album to show the Smart Settings HUD.

  2. Revise the search criteria in the Smart Settings HUD to eliminate or add the photos you want.

  3. Click the Smart Settings HUD’s close button.