Navigate through photos in the Browser

You can select one or more thumbnail-size photos in the Browser, and then modify them in the Browser or see them in a larger format in the Viewer. Photos selected in the Browser are highlighted with a white border. When you select a group of photos, the most recently selected photo, called the primary selection, appears with a thicker white border than the other selected photos.

Figure. Browser showing a primary selection with a thick white border and other selected images with a thin white border.

Navigate through photos

Do one of the following:

  • Press an arrow key to move left, right, up, or down in the Browser.

  • Use the scroll bar to scroll through the photos in the Browser, then click the photo you want to view.

  • Choose Window > Show Control Bar to display the control bar. In the control bar, click the Move Selection Left or Move Selection Right button.

    Figure. Navigation buttons in the control bar.