Select photos

Selecting photos in the Browser is a fundamental task in Aperture. Knowing the many ways you can select photos can help increase your productivity and satisfaction while working with your photos.

You can select photos in the following ways.



Select a single photo

  • Click the photo.

  • Press the arrow keys to navigate to the photo.

Select a range of photos

  • Select the first photo, then choose Edit > Select to End (or press Shift-End) to extend the selection to the last photo in the Browser.

  • Select the last photo in a range, then choose Edit > Select to Beginning (or press Shift-Home) to extend the selection to the first photo in the Browser.

  • Click the first photo in a range, then Shift-click the last photo.

  • Press the arrow keys to select the first photo, then press Shift and an arrow key to select the last photo in the range.

  • Drag a selection rectangle to select all the photos that fall within the rectangle.

Select a photo among selected photos

  • Press Semicolon (;) or press Option–Command–Left Arrow to select the previous photo in the selection. Press Apostrophe (‘) or press Option–Command–Right Arrow to select the next photo in the selection.

Select a photo in a stack

  • Press the Right Arrow or Left Arrow key.

Select nonadjacent photos

  • Command-click the photos you want to select. Command-click the photos again to deselect them.

Slide a selection

  • Press Command–Left Arrow or Command–Right Arrow to slide the current selection over by one photo. For example, you can move a three-photo selection left or right by one photo at a time.

Select the next stack

  • With a stack selected, press Option–Page Up or Option–Page Down.

Select or set a compare photo

  • Select the photo, then press Option-O.

Deselect the compare photo

  • Press Command-Return.

Select a different compare photo

  • Select the photo you want as a compare photo, then press Return.

Select all photos in the Browser

  • Choose Edit > Select All (or press Command-A).

Select only the primary photo, deselecting all others

  • Choose Edit > Reduce Selection (or press Shift-E).

Deselect all photos in the Browser

  • Choose Edit > Deselect All (or press Shift-Command-A).

  • Click the gray background of the Browser.