Change photo locations

If you’ve assigned incorrect locations to photos, it’s easy to change their location information. There are three methods for reassigning photo locations:

  • Change the location assignment for all photos associated with a location: You can move the location pin in Places view.

  • Change the location assignment for a subset of photos associated with a location: You can reassign the location for the photo subset using the Assign Location dialog.

  • Change the location assignment for a single photo: You can reassign the location for the photo using the Map pane of the Info inspector. For more information, see Work with location information using the Info inspector.

Move a pin, changing the location for all photos with that location assignment

  1. Do one of the following:

    • In the Library inspector, select Places.

    • Select the item in the Library inspector containing the photos whose location you want to change, then click the Places button in the toolbar.

  2. In Places view, click the Move Pins button.

    The location pins on the Places view map turn purple, indicating that they can be moved.

  3. Drag the incorrectly placed pin to the correct location, then click Done in the dialog that appears at the bottom of Places view.

    The location pin is moved to its new location, and the location information is changed for all photos associated with the original location.

Change the location assignment for a photo selection

  1. In the Browser, select the photos whose location information you want to change.

  2. Choose Metadata > Assign Location.

  3. In the dialog that appears, enter the new location you want to assign in the search field.

    Locations whose names match the text you entered are listed below the search field.

  4. Select the appropriate location in the search results list.

    A location is plotted on the map with a purple circle surrounding it. The purple circle is used to determine the geographical area encompassed by the location.

  5. Adjust the area covered by the location as necessary by dragging the resize handles on the right side of the purple circle.

  6. When you are satisfied with the location and the area assigned to it, click the Assign button.

    The location assignment for the selected photos changes to the new location. A red pin appears on the map in Places view, with a location label indicating the location name and the number of photos it’s assigned to. A purple circle indicates the area the location covers.