Places overview

In Aperture, you can organize and explore your photos by location using the Places feature.

If you have a GPS-enabled camera or iOS device, Aperture categorizes your photos by location and converts the GPS location tags to place names such as Vancouver, Canada. Aperture can also convert photo location information from GPS trackers (including those generated by iPhone apps) and from iPhoto photos. You can explore where your photos were shot using Places view.

Figure. Controls in Places view.

If you don’t have a GPS-enabled camera or iOS device, you can still make the most of Places. You can assign locations to your photos by:

  • Dragging photos from the Browser to the appropriate spot on the map in Places view

    Figure. Places view showing an image being dragged from the Browser to the map.
  • Typing the name of a place or entering an address in the Places view search field, and then clicking the Assign Location button

    Figure. Places view showing information entered in the search field and a location selected in the search results.
  • Entering the name of a place or an address in the Location field in the Map pane of the Info inspector

    Figure. Map pane of the Metadata inspector showing an address entered in the Location field.