Rename original image files

At times, you may want to rename original image files to match the names you’ve assigned to the photo versions in Aperture. Although Aperture keeps track of your originals regardless of what they are named, it’s often useful for your image filenames to match inside and outside of Aperture—especially when the originals are referenced images. For more information about working with referenced images, see Work with referenced images.

Rename originals

  1. In the Browser, select a photo or group of photos.

  2. Choose Metadata > Batch Change (or press Shift-Command-B).

  3. In the Batch Change dialog, choose a naming convention from the Version Name Format pop-up menu to specify how you want the originals named.

    For example, choose Version Name from the Version Name Format pop-up menu to have your original filenames changed to match the names of the corresponding versions in Aperture. If you choose a custom name format, enter the name you want in the Custom Name text field. For more information about naming files, see Automatically name imported photos.

  4. Select the Apply to Original Files checkbox, then click OK.

The original files corresponding to the selected photos are renamed. For more information about working with the Batch Change dialog, see Batch change metadata.