Compare photos in stacks

You can see a side-by-side comparison of the pick and any any other photo in a stack using the stack-viewing feature. When you enable this feature, clicking a stack in the Browser opens the stack and displays its pick in the Viewer alongside the next leftmost photo in the stack. You can change the comparison photo by clicking any other photo in the stack.

This stack-viewing feature also works in full-screen view.

Set the Viewer to open and compare two photos in a stack

  • Choose View > Main Viewer > Stack (or press Option-T).

    Figure. Viewer set to Stack mode showing a stack.

The pick photo and the photo to its immediate right in the stack open in the Viewer. The pick photo is surrounded by a green border, and the alternate photo is surrounded by a white border.

Tip: When the Viewer is in Stack mode, you can press the Up Arrow and Down Arrow keys to move from stack to stack.

Select another alternate photo

Do one of the following:

  • Press the Left Arrow and Right Arrow keys.

  • Select any photo in the stack.

Promote or demote the alternate photo in the stack

  • To promote the alternate photo: Press Command–Left Bracket ([).

  • To demote the alternate photo: Press Command–Right Bracket (]).

The alternate photo moves one position left or right in the Browser.

Set the alternate photo as the stack pick photo

  • Press Command–Backslash ().

The photo moves to the far left of the stack, becoming the pick photo.

Stop comparing photos in a stack

Do one of the following:

  • Press Command-Return.

  • Choose another option from the View > Main Viewer menu.

  • Select a photo in the Browser that is not in a stack.