Add watermarks to webpage photos

You can add a graphics file to your photos as a watermark to discourage others from using your photos without your permission. Watermarks are especially useful when applied to photos posted on the web.

Use the following guidelines to create high-quality watermarks for your photos:

  • Save your watermark as a Photoshop (.psd) file with a transparent background.

  • Create multiple sizes of your watermark so that you can select the one that best matches the output size of the exported photo.

    Note: If a watermark file is larger than the photo you want to export, Aperture automatically scales the watermark down to fit the photo. (Aperture doesn’t scale watermarks up.)

  • After you create a watermark, save it as part of a web export preset so that you can reuse it.

    Note: Export presets and web export presets are independent of one another. Make sure to save your watermark as part of the appropriate preset.

Create a preset that adds a watermark to your exported web photos

  1. Choose Aperture > Presets > Web Export.

  2. In the Web Export dialog, select the web export preset you want to modify, or click the Add button (+) to create a new preset.

  3. Select the Show Watermark checkbox.

  4. Click the Choose Image button.

  5. Select the image you want as a watermark, and click Choose.

  6. Choose where you want the watermark to appear on the photo from the Position pop-up menu.

  7. To adjust the opacity of the watermark, drag the Opacity slider.

  8. When you’re satisfied with how your watermark appears in the watermark preview area, click OK.