Choose and modify themes

Aperture provides a variety of themes that you can choose for your web gallery or web journal. The theme you choose for your pages determines the basic template design of the page. Make sure to explore the themes to see which best suits your work.

You choose a theme type and a theme when you create a new web gallery or web journal album, but you can change the theme at any time. After a theme is applied to your pages, you can modify it by changing the number and size of photos on the page.

You can also display photos with metadata and have copyright information appear on your pages.

Change the theme for your web gallery or web journal

  1. Select a webpage or web journal album in the Library inspector.

  2. Click the Theme button at the top-left corner of the Webpage Editor.

  3. In the dialog that appears, select the theme you want to use, and click Choose.

Change the number of columns and rows of photos on the page

  • In the Webpage Editor, double-click in the number field of the Columns or Rows value slider and enter a new number, or click the left or right arrow.

When you change the number of columns or rows, Aperture automatically updates all the pages in the web gallery or web journal to reflect the new settings.

Note: When a web journal is open in the Webpage Editor, only the Columns value slider is available. You can manually add as many rows of photos to a page as you need by dragging a photo from the Browser below the current row of photos in the Webpage Editor.

Change the size of photos on a page

  1. In the “Fit images within” pop-up menu in the Webpage Editor, choose how you want the photos to appear on the page.

  2. To increase or decrease the photo size, double-click in the number field of the Width and Height value sliders and enter new numbers, or click the left or right arrow.

Specify the types of metadata that appear with your photos

You can choose different combinations of metadata to appear on your pages. For example, you might display your photos with a simple set of metadata that includes the filename, caption, and photo date.

  • Choose an option from the Metadata View pop-up menu at the top of the Webpage Editor.

Change the copyright information that appears in web galleries and web journals

Web galleries and web journals appear with copyright information on the page. You can select the copyright text on the page and change it. You can also specify the copyright information you want for all your pages in the Preferences window.

  1. Choose Aperture > Preferences, and click Export.

  2. Type the text you want in the Web Copyright field.