Creating webpages overview

In Aperture, you can create webpages of your photos that you can post to your own website. Then clients can conveniently review your work via the Internet.

You can use built-in Aperture webpage themes and designs to create two types of webpages:

  • Web galleries show your photos in eye-catching settings and are designed to display photos without your having to lay out pages by hand. Aperture automatically creates the appropriate number of webpages and populates them with the selected photos. You can then adjust the pages to make the photos appear as you want them. You can also choose the metadata information, such as captions, names, and ratings, that appears next to each photo.

  • Web journals allow you to mix photos and text on the page and are ideal for projects in which you show photos with narrative to support them. For example, you might create web journal pages that show and tell the story of an overseas shoot or a journalistic project. You manually add pages, photos, and text to your web journal. You can choose a theme to apply to all your pages, and you can change the layout of photos and text on your web journal pages.

To create a web gallery or web journal, you create a webpage or web journal album. When you select the album in the Library inspector, the Webpage Editor appears. The Webpage Editor is where you design your webpages, including changing the theme, positioning photos, and adding text.

After you’ve laid out your web gallery or web journal pages in the Webpage Editor, you can save them as HTML pages that you can post to your webpage server. When the photos are posted online, you can give clients the URL of the pages, and clients can view them remotely.

Important: Web galleries and web journals created in Aperture are not visible when working with your Aperture library in iPhoto. However, your web galleries and web journals are not discarded. To view and work with your web galleries and web journals, open the Aperture library in Aperture.