Work with web gallery pages

When you create a web gallery, the photos in it are placed automatically. You can then adjust the placement of photos on web gallery pages and add and delete photos in the Webpage Editor. Depending on the theme you choose for your web gallery, pages may appear with titles, subtitles, or headings. You can change the sample text to text appropriate for your web gallery pages. You can also turn on or turn off the display of plate numbers for photos in your web galleries. By default, Aperture doesn’t display plate numbers for photos.

Note: You can’t select and use the Lift, Stamp, Straighten, Crop, or Red Eye tool or any Quick Brush adjustments when using the Webpage Editor. To use these tools to make a change to a photo in a web gallery or web journal, select the photo in the Browser and click the Show Viewer button at the top of the Browser (to the right of the List View button). The selected photo appears in the Viewer, and you can make changes. Click the Show Viewer button again to return to the Webpage Editor.

Change the viewing order of photos in a web gallery

  1. Select a webpage album in the Library inspector.

  2. Drag the photos to different locations, either in the Webpage Editor or the Browser.

Add a photo to a web gallery

  • Drag a photo from a project, a folder, an album, or the library into the webpage album for the web gallery.

To remove a photo in a web gallery, select the photo in the Browser and choose Photos > Remove from Album (or press the Delete key).

Change titles and subtitles on web gallery pages

  • In the Webpage Editor, click the title, subtitle, or heading you want to change, and type the text you want.

Turn on the display of photo plate numbers in a web gallery

  • Choose Enable Plate Metadata from the Metadata View pop-up menu at the top of the Webpage Editor.

Plate numbers appear below each photo in the web gallery. To turn off the display of plate numbers, choose Disable Plate Metadata from the Metadata View pop-up menu.