Sharing photos with Flickr, Facebook, and SmugMug overview

You can create Flickr, Facebook, and SmugMug albums in Aperture to collect photos for publication on,, and Photos placed in Flickr, Facebook, and SmugMug albums in Aperture are automatically exported to and published in your Flickr, Facebook, and SmugMug accounts.

The first time you create a Flickr, Facebook, or SmugMug album, Aperture prompts you to enter your account information. If you don’t have an account, you can create one.

You can also post photos to multiple Flickr, Facebook, or SmugMug accounts from within Aperture. Your accounts appear in the Shared section of the Library inspector. Select an account to view its albums.

Figure. Flickr and Facebook albums in the Library inspector.

After you have an existing Flickr, Facebook, or SmugMug album in place, you can continue to publish photos to the web account. Any photos posted to your web accounts from other software applications, your web browser, or a mobile device automatically appear in their respective albums in Aperture.

You can also have Aperture check your online accounts for new photos and new Flickr sets, FaceBook albums, or SmugMug gallaries and download them into Aperture.

Note: A Flickr album is not created for photos and video clips published to your Flickr photostream. For more information, see Set up a Flickr, Facebook, or SmugMug account in Aperture.