Turn on My Photo Stream for an Aperture library

Turn My Photo Stream on or off

  1. Choose Aperture > Preferences, and click iCloud.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • To turn on My Photo Stream: Select the My Photo Stream checkbox.

    • To turn off My Photo Stream: Deselect the My Photo Stream checkbox, and click Turn Off in the dialog that appears.

      Figure. Photo Stream pane of System Preferences window

Switch My Photo Stream to another Aperture library

My Photo Stream is designed to work with one Aperture or iPhoto library at a time. When you switch libraries, iPhoto prompts you to set My Photo Stream to share photos with the new library exclusively. Photos from My Photo Stream and shared photo streams are pushed to the new library from that point on. However, it’s easy to switch the library iCloud uses to upload and download photos.

Important: If you have My Photo Stream turned on in iPhoto, turning on My Photo Stream in Aperture turns off My Photo Stream for your iPhoto library. Photos from My Photo Stream are no longer pushed to your iPhoto library.

  1. Open the Aperture library you want to use with My Photo Stream.

    Note: For instructions for switching Aperture libraries, see View other libraries.

  2. In the Shared section of the Library inspector, select iCloud.

  3. Click the Use iCloud button, and click Switch in the dialog that appears.

    Figure. Photo Stream splash screen

My Photo Stream is turned on for the Aperture library you switched to and is turned off for the library you switched from. New photos downloaded from My Photo Stream appear in the library with My Photo Stream turned on, and only photos from that library are automatically uploaded to My Photo Stream.

For information about setting a library to automatically upload photos to My Photo Stream, see Automatically transfer photos between Aperture and My Photo Stream.