Work in Browser mode in full-screen view

You can set full-screen view to switch between Viewer mode and Browser mode. Browser mode displays thumbnail images in a grid over a black background with minimal color interference. As in the Browser in the main Aperture workspace, the search field and Filter HUD are accessible for filtering photos. When full-screen view is set to Browser mode, the toolbar remains accessible at the top of the screen but the filmstrip disappears.

Figure. Controls in Full Screen view Browser mode.

Set full-screen view to Browser mode

  1. If Aperture is not already in full-screen view, enter it by pressing F.

  2. To switch from Viewer mode to Browser mode, press V.

To switch back to Viewer mode, press V or double-click a thumbnail image.

Navigate through photos

Do one of the following:

  • Press an arrow key to move left, right, up, or down.

  • Use the swipe gesture to scroll through the photos, and click the photo you want to work with.

You select and search for photos in Browser mode in the same way you select and search for them when the Browser is set to grid view in the main Aperture window. For more information, see Select photos and Searching overview.