About IPTC metadata

In Aperture, you can import and export IPTC metadata for a photo in an XMP sidecar file. XMP sidecar files are XML files that accompany each photo containing IPTC and other metadata associated with the photo. Any field containing information in the IPTC Core metadata view for a selected photo version can be exported to the XMP sidecar file for that version. The IPTC Core metadata view is compliant with the IPTC Core specification version 1.0. For more information about choosing the IPTC Core metadata view, see Modify metadata in the Info inspector and Inspector HUD. For more information about exporting XMP sidecar files, see Exporting photos overview. For more information about the IPTC Core specification, go to http://www.iptc.org.

If you intend to export your keywords as IPTC metadata, make sure each keyword entry is no more than 64 characters long. Keyword entries longer than 64 characters may not be displayed properly in other IPTC editors or operating systems.

Here are some examples of common character limits for IPTC fields.

IPTC field and character limit

Description and example

Caption (2000 characters)

A long-form description of the subject and related information in a natural-language caption

Example: Mayor Alvarado addresses a crowd at the first soccer match of the season.

Keywords (64 characters)

A list of words describing the subject in discrete words or phrases

Example: Politician, Mayor, Futbol, Soccer, News, Game, Team, San Jose

Provider (32 characters)

Photographer’s name and/or agency name

Example: Matthew Birdsell/Sun Times News

Copyright (128 characters)

Copyright date, photographer’s name, agency name, and rights

Example: © 2009 Matthew Birdsell/Sun Times News. All rights reserved.

Title (64 characters)

A unique identifier, used by an agency or organization to catalog images

Example: mt52642j

Date Created (16 characters)

Date the photo was created

Example: 05/16/2009

Image City (32 characters)

City where the photo was captured

Example: San Jose

Image State/Province (32 characters)

Province or state where the photo was captured

Example: California

Image Country (64 characters)

Country where the photo was captured

Example: USA

Instructions (256 characters)

Applicable restrictions, rights, or embargo information


Creator (64 characters)

The photo byline text

Example: © Matthew Birdsell/Sun Times News

Headline (256 characters)

The headline published with the photo

Example: Mayor Alvarado Opens New Soccer Season in San Jose

Source (32 characters)

The source that provided the photo

Example: Mercury News