Metadata views overview

In addition to the basic and expanded overlay views available from the Metadata Overlays pop-up menu, you can create your own combinations of metadata to display with your photos, called metadata views. Using controls in the Info inspector and the Metadata Views dialog, you can either create new metadata views or modify the ones that come with Aperture.

You can also apply combinations of metadata to your photos by recording metadata in a metadata view and saving it as a metadata preset. For more information about creating and using metadata presets, see Create metadata presets.

The following table lists the metadata views that you can choose and the information that each view displays.

Metadata view

Information displayed


Version name, caption, keywords, copyright notice, title, date, pixel size, file size, project path, and badges

Name Only

Version name

Caption Only


Name & Ratings

Version name, rating, and badges

Name & Caption

Version name and caption


Rating and badges

Caption & Keywords

Version name, caption, and keywords

Caption & Credits

Version name, creator, provider, caption, and copyright notice

Contact Sheet

Version name, caption, label, ISO, focal length, exposure bias, aperture, and shutter speed

File Info

Version name, filename, file size, pixel size, color model, date, and badges

Photo Info

Version name, date, camera model, lens, ISO, focal length, focal length (35mm), exposure bias, aperture, shutter speed, flash, white balance, exposure program, metering mode, exposure mode, focus mode, profile name, and pixel size


Version name, date, camera make, camera model, serial number, lens, ISO, focal length, focal length (35mm), exposure bias, aperture, shutter speed, flash, flash exposure compensation, white balance, exposure program, shooting mode, metering mode, exposure mode, focus mode, focus distance, file size, pixel size, original pixel size, profile name, aspect ratio, orientation, and depth


Latitude, longitude, altitude, and compass direction (if available)


Contact: Creator, job title, address, city, state/province, postal code, country, phone, email, and website

Content: Headline, caption, keywords, IPTC subject code, and caption writer

Image: Date created, intellectual genre, IPTC scene, location, city, state/province, country, and ISO country code

Status: Title, job identifier, instructions, provider, source, copyright, and usage terms

Large Caption

Caption field with large text

Custom Fields

Custom metadata fields created using the Manage Custom Metadata fields dialog. Custom fields are for use only in Aperture.


Information about whether and where selected photos have been shared


Comments associated with a shared photo or video