Create and name items

You can create new items in the Library inspector to organize your photos. When you create a new item, such as an album, the item is empty. You add photos to the new item by dragging photos to it. Newly created Smart Albums and Smart Web Page Albums do not contain photos. You add photos to them by setting the Smart Album’s search criteria.

Note: You cannot put photos in folders. Folders are designed to help you organize projects, albums, and other folders in the Library inspector.

Create a new item in the Library inspector

Do one of the following:

  • Choose File > New, and choose an item from the submenu.

  • Choose an item from the New pop-up menu in the toolbar.

    Figure. Items in the New pop-up menu.

    Aperture prompts you to name new projects, albums, and Light Table albums before adding them to the Library inspector. Aperture immediately adds new folders, Smart Albums, and Smart Web Page Albums to the Library inspector with the item’s “Untitled” name highlighted so that you can rename them as you create them. When you create a new book, slideshow, web journal, or webpage, Aperture prompts you to choose a theme in addition to a name before adding the item to the Library inspector.

For more information about creating projects and certain types of albums, see the following topics: