View other libraries

When you have multiple Aperture and iPhoto library files accessible to your Aperture system, you can switch between them and view their contents. You can also choose which library file to use when you open Aperture.

Important: Aperture can only open and view iPhoto libraries upgraded to iPhoto 9.3 or later. To upgrade your iPhoto library, open it in iPhoto 9.3 or later. iPhoto upgrades the library automatically. All cards, books, calendars, and Smart Albums in your iPhoto library can be viewed but not edited in Aperture. To work with your iPhoto cards, books, calendars, and Smart Albums, close Aperture and open your iPhoto library in iPhoto.

Access a different Aperture or iPhoto library

  1. Choose File > Switch to Library > [library filename].

  2. If the library you’re looking for doesn’t appear in the Switch to Library submenu, choose Other/New.

  3. In the dialog that appears, select the library you want to open from the list, and click Choose.

    Figure. Controls in the Choose an Aperture Library dialog.

    Note: You must close iPhoto before opening your iPhoto library in Aperture.

Aperture opens the library you selected.

Choose which library to use while opening Aperture

  1. Hold down the Option key while opening Aperture.

    A dialog appears, with options for selecting an existing library or creating a new one.

    Figure. Controls in the Choose an Aperture Library dialog.
  2. Do one of the following:

    • To open an Aperture library file shown in the dialog: Select the library file, and click Choose.

    • To open an Aperture library file not shown in the dialog: Click the Other Library button, locate the library file in the dialog that appears, and click Select.

    • To open a new, empty library: Click the Create New button, give the library a name in the Save As field, select a location for the library, and click Create.

      Aperture creates a new, empty library file and opens it.