Duplicate a project structure

If you routinely use the same project structure populated with the same types of albums and folders, you can duplicate the structure of an existing project and create a new, empty project with the same arrangement of albums and folders. If the project you’re duplicating has Smart Albums, the settings for those Smart Albums are duplicated as well. For more information about Smart Albums, see Collect photos in a new Smart Album.

Duplicate a project structure

  1. In the Library inspector, select the project whose structure you want to copy.

  2. Choose File > Duplicate Project Structure.

    The project and all of its subordinate items, such as albums, folders, and Smart Albums, are duplicated along with their names. However, the duplicated project contains no photos, audio clips, or video clips.

  3. Double-click the name of each duplicated item in the new project to give it a new name.

    Figure. Duplicated project in the Library inspector.